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1947 – 1996: Editor for half a century: U.Ve.Sriman Gopalacharya Swamy varuGopalacharya Swamy

Since the inception of the magazine in April 1947, U.Ve. Sriman Gopalacharya Swamy varu has been instrumental in making sure the magazine’s contents are authentic and appealing to all the audience. There were dedicated sections for each of the topic of importance in vedic literature like Upanishaths, Ithihasas like Ramayana, from Divya Prabandhams of alwars. Every month articles were written by scholarly women to clarify the general questions or issues women face in society.

Under the stalwart and most able editorship of Gopalacharya Swamy varu the magazine quickly became very popular and quenched the spiritual thirst of thousands of devotees in India.

For almost 50 (until 1996) years U.Ve. Sriman Gopalacharya Swamy served as the chief editor and took the magazine to the peaks of popularity with his most authentic and highly respected, vast knowledge in the vedic/vaishnava literature.


1997-2012: U.Ve. Sriman T.P. Ramachandracharya Swamy varuGopalacharya Swamy

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